Fleur de force

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Jasmine Flower

Bath Bomb

Fleur de force
jasmine flower spring products 2018

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Submerge your skin and immerse your senses in a bath of soothing chamomile blue and indulgent jasmine, and let therapeutic lavender soothe mind and body. You can say it with flowers, or you can say it with a message by removing the scroll, writing your message and replacing, before presenting them with this fragrant bath bomb. They’ll discover your note as they take a well-deserved soak in floral waters (or beforehand if they examine the bath bomb really closely while the water runs!). As the bomb gently fizzes away in the bath, the jasmine flower pattern on top slowly foams and expands, creating a beautiful spectacle in the water. 

18 Ingrediënten
Lavender oil
Brengt in balans en rustgevend
Lavendelolie (Lavandula augustifolia)
Zuiverend en kalmerend
Afrikaanse Goudsbloemolie (Tagetes minuta)


Natuurlijke ingrediënten
Veilige synthetische stoffen

* Komt van nature voor in etherische olie.

Onze eindproducten worden niet op dieren getest, we kopen de ingrediënten uitsluitend bij leveranciers die NIET op dieren testen Meer.

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