A real strawberry sweetheart

Limited Edition

Love Locket


A real strawberry sweetheart
pink and blue heart shaped amazeball bath bomb

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Don’t lock your love away, release it in a spectacle of strawberry-scented swirls. This amazeball is the key to a great bath, so unlock your heart’s true potential with a good soak in the tub. Full to the brim with tiny bath bomb hearts, you’re sure to be all a flutter thanks to uplifting orange and cosy tonka.

You'll love this if you like:
- Super soaks, bright colours and a heart full of giddy joy.
- Strawberries and Cream bath bomb or  D'Fluff shaving soap.
- Treating yourself or the ones you care for to a big, blissful bath.

- Tonka absolute has a comforting sweet fragrance, adding a snuggly embrace of warmth to this strawberry-scented treat.
- The uplifting note of Brazilian orange oil adds a drop of sunshine to your bath, as well as boosting your mood.
- The addition of cornflour ensures that this bath bomb is extra softening for the skin.

How to use: Bust the lock off this amazeball by removing the stopper and shake as many of the little bath bombs into the tub as your heart desires, allowing them to tumble in and fizz away. Feel free to indulge with the whole thing at once, or keep the shell for another time. Why not put a love note inside for that special someone to find as they soak?

How to store: Keep your heart cool and dry until you’re ready to revel in an amorous soak. 


29 Ingrediënten
Verfrissend en herstellend
Braziliaanse Sinaasappelolie (Citrus sinensis)
Tonka Absolue (Dipteryx odorata)


Natuurlijke ingrediënten
Veilige synthetische stoffen

* Komt van nature voor in etherische olie.

Onze eindproducten worden niet op dieren getest, we kopen de ingrediënten uitsluitend bij leveranciers die NIET op dieren testen Meer.

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