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“They are so easy and practical to use. They are small enough to take around with you and it’s nice using a product that is cruelty free and vegan friendly...My teeth feel like they stay cleaner for longer as well. I have totally replaced tube toothpaste with these little tabs because it’s just so much nicer and practical." - alexwyatt79_6735898

“I tried these as a newly-transformed vegan as well as the Boom! Toothy Tabs...I was extremely happy with them! Whilst brushing, it's like brushing my teeth with a normal minty toothpaste but with the addition of being cruelty-free, vegan and having no sensitivity at all! And after brushing, my teeth feel clean for hours and look whiter over all! I would recommend them to anyone!" - laurendownard1_6669651

How to use: A triple whammy of English peppermint, organic peppermint, and wild mint for a brush of fiery freshness. Nibble a tab between your teeth and brush with a wet toothbrush before spitting and rinsing as usual. Sodium bicarbonate helps to neutralise the cavity-causing acids leftover on your teeth by sugars, keeping your smile in mint condition.

How to store: Between uses leave within easy reach of your sink for convenient brushing and keep the cap on to keep out moisture. When you’ve used all the tabs, the bottle and cap can both be recycled!

14 Ingrediënten
Biologische Pepermuntolie (Mentha piperita)
Fresh Mint Infusion
Wilde Muntolie (Mentha Arvensis)
Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana)


Natuurlijke ingrediënten
Veilige synthetische stoffen

* Komt van nature voor in etherische olie.

Onze eindproducten worden niet op dieren getest, we kopen de ingrediënten uitsluitend bij leveranciers die NIET op dieren testen Meer.

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