Sensually soft

Tender Is The Night

Massage Bar

Sensually soft

Gratis verzending binnen Nederland bij bestellingen boven €55.

A sensual massage bar filled with romantic essential oils. Shea and murumuru butters are specially blended to melt easily onto the skin to allow a smooth massage. As well as helping the bar glide, they also help to lock in moisture. As the bar warms and softens, it releases the heady blend of ylang ylang oil, Fair Trade vanilla absolute, and jasmine absolute.

Melt warning: this product is made with ingredients that allow it to soften around body temperature. During hot spells, it may melt. If you have any concerns please contact Customer Care.

19 Ingrediënten
Zoet en verzachtend
Ylang Ylang
Zoet, sterk en bloemig
Ylang Ylang-olie (Cananga odorata)


Natuurlijke ingrediënten
Veilige synthetische stoffen

* Komt van nature voor in etherische olie.

Onze eindproducten worden niet op dieren getest, we kopen de ingrediënten uitsluitend bij leveranciers die NIET op dieren testen Meer.

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